• May 29, 2018

Christians have been admonished to stop working like paupers because there is a covenant over their head.

The Venerable Professor Pic Onwochie from ecclesiastical Province of Jos gave this admonition during his Sermon at the monthly Power Night Vigil of the Diocese of Abuja at St Mathews Anglican Church Maitama Abuja.

The Professor of Religion and Philosophy, said every child of God is a bundle of resources and wisdom adding that if they have not discovered these gifts they should make pragmatic effort at discovering them. He said as a matter of urgency the manufacturer of the resources (God) must be contacted.

According to the ebullient speaker, one of the critical things that makes Christian poor in the body of Christ is lack of initiative, whereas there is nothing in life that is not in the Bible, the Bible is rich and complete he said.

While speaking on the theme of the Power Night Vigil, the Preacher said the worst poverty is the poverty of initiative adding that the disciple of Jesus must not be lazy because God has given his people enough to prosper. He quickly added that God is not a magician and that is why he said, He will bless the work of the hands of his people.

The venerable Onwochie said plantain and Banaba practices correct discipleship because they easily multiply even before they produce. He said there are things inside the people that God has deposited that can prosper them adding that they must find it out those things that they can do to be comfortable.

The erudite scholar quickly warned comfortable people not to abandon God but live a holy life and return to God by being born again, from above and take action because according to him the heavens places much premium on relationship with God.

He said a rich man is not someone who has assets but he who has act-sets who is positioned adding that children of God have nothing until they have Jesus, adding that Jesus is wealth.

He described women as great asset very detailed being He called on men to always communicate with them for the betterment of the family, the community and the nation at large.

The monthly power night was full of experiences shared laced with songs, souls were touched and won for Christ.

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