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In Nigeria there is only one Anglican Church

Mischievous groups of people have been trying to use the name "Anglican" in the formation of their Churches. These so called "Anglicans" rather than focusing on Christ and expanding His Kingdom, it will seem, have their mission on trying to confuse our members and create disunity and distraction in God's work in these challenging times in the country. It is most unfortunate that those who are doing this are people who are under discipline from our Church for their immoral conduct.  The Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, is working with legal officers to tackle these groups. The Primate of All Nigeria, and Bishop Metropolitan, Most Rev'd Henry Ndukuba, urges  Christians; both Anglicans and other brothers and sisters from other denominations not to be confused. There is only one Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, duly registered in Nigeria. Do not fall for these deceivers with ungodly agenda. Continue to serve God faithfully; and be loyal to the leadership within the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, in the Diocese where the Lord has placed you.

Our Vision

A bible based,spiritually dynamic, united, disciplined, self-supporting, committed to pragmatic evangelism, social welfare and a Church that epitomises the genuine love of Christ

Our Mission

The program of action include among others, additional translations of the liturgy, establishing a lay fundraising team, establishing a legal support to ensure freedom of religion and worship, and setting up cottage industries


The Gafcon movement is a global family of authentic Anglicans standing together to retain and restore the Bible to the heart of the Anglican Communion.
Our mission is to guard the unchanging, transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ and to proclaim Him to the world.


Our mission is to reach Nigerians and non Nigerians with the saving and sanctifying gracious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the context of the evangelical Anglican Tradition. In partnership with the Anglican Church in North America(ACNA) in this endeavor, carrying the love of Christ, we will raise the Banner and Cross of Christ high, knowing Him much more and make Him known.

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Pray for the victims of kidnappings and killings in Southern Kaduna, Niger, Plateau and Benue States. Pray for Borno State where Boko Haram’s control of many communities has prevented Christian activities.

Pray for the Dioceses of Kaduna and Owerri as they grapple with violence in many communities.

Remember Leah Sharibu still in captivity as well as the remaining Chibok schoolgirls as well as many who have been taken into this slavery by radical Islamic sects.

Pray for our soldiers and security operatives fighting the insurgency in north-eastern Nigeria. Pray for protection for then and remember their families who are also constantly anxious for these soldiers in the battle front

 for pastors in central and northeastern Nigeria who are constanly targets for killings by Islamic Fulani herdsmen militias and Boko Haram; pray for their protection and proactive work in spreading the love of Christ in these regions.

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