• May 30, 2018

“The elasticity of God’s greatness and mercy cannot be described, it gives longevity and his saving powers is saving people from disasters on daily basis”

The Primate of all Nigeria (Anglican Communion) the Most Rev Nicholas D. Okoh gave this description of the Almighty God at the sermon he preached at the 60th Birthday Anniversary Thanksgiving Service of Dr. (Mrs) Bola Onigbogi at the Cathedral Church of the Advent Life camp Abuja.

He showered encomiums on God, for his faithfulness, protection, healing kindness, mercies and support for the past Sixty years, He opined that Children of God should check themselves as they travel on life’s pilgrimage.

He cited many disasters in life and how God has been faithful with his saving powers.

He congratulated the celebrant for the enjoyment of the loving kindness of God which he described as limitless; because it endures forever.

Archbishop Okoh said God has satisfied her mouth with goodness and songs of praises while some people are still struggling for life and their faith has been squeezed. He asked her to look back and count her blessings and she will see that the Lord is good.

The Primate of all Nigeria then asked “for what God has done, for his faithfulness and loving kindness, what do you want to do for Him? For His grace that is always sufficient, for strength, what do you want to do for Him.

The Primate commended her for her kind gesture and services to the Lord, the poor, orphans and widows adding that God is not unkind to forget her good works.

He advised the congregation that when God has done good things for them they should not forget. He added that it is unfortunate that when God showers people with blessings people easily forget God’s kindness because their memory is very short.

He congratulated celebrant’s husband, honourable Gbenga Onigbogi for having such a dutiful, humble diligent woman urging them to continue to bless the Lord and be a living sacrifice. He said they should see themselves as given assignment to serve rendering service to people in need, for according to him there are people fighting Civil Wars in their homes.

Primate Okoh urged them to make themselves sacrifice by solving problems and bless all who come their way and as they do so, he prayed that they will not diminish, he declared and decreed that they will increase.

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