ACADI | Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)

Anglican Compassionate and Development Initiative (ACADI) ACADI

ACADI: Anglican Compassionate and Development Initiative (ACADI) is a faith-based organisation.


Organizational Objectives:

  1. To promote effective networking and coordination within the CON owned and affiliated FBOs and NGOs.
  2. To enhance the capacity of the Church of Nigeria to respond to social and communal issues and crises through policy influencing and direct interventions
  3. To be an organ for impacting the society and communities; extending the love of Christ and thus winning them to the Lord
  4. To be a platform for networking and partnering with like-minded organizations and agencies, who share the values and faith of the Church of Nigeria
  5. To serve as a forum for advocating for godly policies in the public space and in our governance systems
  6. To serve as a mechanism for mobilizing and sub-granting resources for the Diocesan FBOs and ensuring financial and programmatic accountability
  7. To serve as a platform for sharing information and best practices with the networking FBOs and partners.

Vision: A godly, peaceful and prosperous Nigerian nation, where the people and communities are free and empowered to worship and serve The Lord’

Mission: ‘To be used of God’s Holy Spirit to promote the emergence of Nigerian communities, through teaching godly principles and delivering interventions that teach communities to be mutually supporting, thus achieving a nation where godliness, peace and prosperity are sustained’

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