• May 23, 2018

By Ven Foluso Taiwo :

The incumbent Bishop of the Diocese of Offa Anglican Communion, the Rt Rev’d Akintunde Popoola has decried the attitude of some parents who have turned their wayward children to their gods.

Bishop of the Diocese of Offa Anglican Communion, the Rt Rev’d Akintunde Popoola

He said like the Israelites of old there are many strange gods in the families nuclear and extended. He made this observation as the guest preacher at the opening Service marking the Second Session of the Tenth Synod of the Diocese of Abuja held at the Basilica of Grace Anglican Church Apo Gudu District Abuja.

Parents according to him are indulging their obstinate children with crosses dangling shamelessly on their necks.

The preacher who quoted profusely from the scriptures did a comparative analysis sharing the experiences of two families Job and Jesus Christ. He said although Jesus was busy doing his father’s business yet He did not neglect his family. In fact he said Jesus showed love and care to his family and His mother on the Cross. ”Mother look at your son, son look at your Mother”

The Cleric said Jesus subjected himself to his parents. He called on Mothers and fathers to have intimate knowledge of God so as to impact it to their children. He added that Job did this by always praying for his Children and when in excruciating pains, his knowledge of the word of God did not allow him to misbehave even when his wife in a rage said “curse God and die. He said Job’s reply to the Satanic advice of his wife showed that Job had complete faith and confidence in God.

The preacher who gave an in-depth meaning of “Train the child the way to go, condemned the way some youths dress today adding that they should be called to order.

The Rt Rev’d Akintunde Popoola showered encomiums on the Primate of All Nigeria Anglican Communion and Bishop of Abuja the Most Rev’d Nicholas D. Okoh for what he called his long strides and landmark achievements which people can see and feel.

People turned out in their large numbers with Array of Bishops numbering about thirty with Clergy men and their wives and laity filling the Church to the brim.

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