• May 23, 2018

By Ven Foluso Taiwo -May 23,2018

The Primate of all Nigeria (Anglican Communion), the Most Rev’d Nicholas D. Okoh has charged parents to take the upbringing of their children very seriously, because according to him, the family is the foundation of the society.

He gave this charge in his Presidential address to the nation at the formal opening of 2018 second session of the tenth Synod held at the Basilica of Grace church Apo in the Gudu District of Abuja.

The Primate said that if Children are properly raised up with good moral standards, they will build a strong virile society. According to the convener and the President of the Synod, it is another dimension of fighting corruption in the society. He said if the families are very strong and people go out with a family name which they do not intend to dishonour then the society will be honoured, God will be honoured.

Archbishop Dr. Okoh urged Nigerians to know that bringing up children is more important than having them. He queried the 200 million Nigerian population by asking if it is a quality population? What is the actual population of trained people who can represent the country he asked? He said there are many people of less value in the country adding that human lives are not valued, people are being killed on daily basis and the government is not bothered.

He opined that there are many countries with less population but they value everybody because they have something to contribute. He said killing must stop because if it continues it will be difficult for people to come out to vote.

He said it should not be taken as psychological warfare on the people, noting that if the country wants to organize a credible election there should be peace everywhere without cause of fear or terrorsing people either by the herdsmen or Boko Haram or any organized militia or any thug group for that matter.

He the opportunity of his address to appeal to the government that the health sector is a critical sector that cannot be ignored because according to him people are dying because they don’t have money to go to private clinics. He said some private clinics and Hospitals are taking undue advantage of the situation and charging people at cut throat charges.

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