• May 23, 2018

By Ven Foluso Taiwo: 

                 Venerable Kingsley Obuh

A leader that is given to Nepotism, favoritism, Tribalism, has thrown merit into the trash bin and has betrayed the quality of leadership”.

This was the submission of the Venerable Kingsley Obuh, the personal Assistant to the Primate of Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) at day two of the Second Session of the tenth Synod of the Diocese of Abuja at the Basilica of Grace Church Apo Gudu District Abuja.

Speaking on the theme of the Synod “The Christian Family” Venerable Obuh said people should not under estimate the power of the family overt the child’s physical and spiritual developments so that they may not end up as prostitutes and drug addicts because of the dirty environment of their upbringing. He said the family is the child’s idea of an ideal society adding that children of today are not like those of former generations, they ask boldly the questions of what they do not understand.

The chaplain of the Chapel of Advent (Primate’s Chapel) said the Panacea and effective way to training them is by being good examples to them rather than giving them instructions. According to him, the power of the family can have impact of eternal consequences when a child is exposed to bad Christian examples by the parents. It will surely affect his response to the gospel. He said it is unfortunate that some evil parents are being honoured in the Church today and this no doubt has negative effects on their children because they know that their parents are evil.

The preacher said Nigeria is a home to her people hence it is implied that political and religious leaders are parents over the people God has committed to their charge, it is their duty therefore as heads of communities, be it the royal highnesses, state governors National leaders, the President to ensure that everyone feels at home anywhere and everywhere in Nigeria.

He said a leader in the home should not fail the children or parenthood adding that any parent that casts aspersion on his or her children calling them lazy luck is casting serious indictment on himself, it is a critical sign of failed parenthood and leadership.

He said people in Nigeria should realize that God sees them as a family and they should relate to one another as members of the same household irrespective of religious, political and ethnic affiliation. He said if this is done there will be a new dawn in Nigeria. He ended his sermon by saying that parents are stakeholders in the fulfilment of the child’s destiny adding that God will hold every parent responsible for how he or she deal with God’s most treasured children for they will surely give account.

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