• May 23, 2018

By Ven Foluso Taiwo 

A wish as a desire, is a challenge that affects every Human attempt at achieving their goal especially if that wish or desire is not possible. Desire is a good thing but help must be sought from above.

The Venerable Dr. Paul Dajur General Secretary Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) made this contribution at day three (3) of the 2018 Second Session of the tenth Synod of the Abuja Diocese held at the Basilica of Grace Church Apo Gudu District Abuja.

The Venerable Dr. Paul Dajur General Secretary Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)

The Preacher who took his text from the passage chosen for the theme of the Synod Joshua 24 Verse 14-15 under the Topic “The Christian Family, used Joshua as the chief protagonist, the Centre point of his message said Joshua was a focused man who worked to fulfil the work of God and carrying along his family in doing it with total commitment.

He said that Joshua was diligent and his confession come true. He said people, especially Christians should emulate Joshua who had a wish, a desire and took directive from the throne of grace for accomplishment. He said Joshua lived in God and trusted in him.

He called on the congregation to be focused and put their trust in God so that all the presentations at this year’s Synod will not be in vain. Dr Paul Dajur said Joshua the son of Nun was in God and God was in him adding that he was biblically fit, he did not claim what he was not, he obeyed the word of the Lord.

He urged the people to be like Joshua who practiced what he committed himself to. He added Joshua made a confession that “I and my house we will serve the Lord” he went further to work on it to make it happen and the people of Israel served God in the time of Joshua and leaders that outlived him.

He called on the people to always hear the word of God and obey it for them to be blessed.

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