• January 12, 2017

The annual Anglican Bishop’s retreat has been described as germane and a call to change the style and direction of leaders.

The Bishop of diocese of Ise- Mbano (Anglican Communion) the Rt. Rev Godson Ukanwa gave this description at day -4 of the retreat at the IBRU International Ecumenical Center Agbaharotor in Delta state

The Bishop said leadership is a call to service adding that the assumption is to serve and not to be served. He said many a- servant leader always end up at the Apex. According to him, this feat is not easily attainable except through competence and preparation. The Cleric who quoted profusely from the scriptures, gave Jesus Christ as a classical example of competence preparation and excellence.

Bishop Ukanwa who said that no man has answers to all problems on earth even with the highest anointing asked his fellow Bishops to always weigh their statements and utterances so as to gain the  support and warm embrace of fellow workers since nobody has guarantee of tomorrow. Position according to the cleric is on loan from God and from the people adding that leaders must be horizontally and vertically connected for results to be achieved. He added that leadership must be seen from a two-way approach of motivation and maintenance He opined that motivation is not only by preferment but for workers in the vineyard of God to be appreciated in all it’s entirety having a sense of responsibility and direction. In everything, the cleric cautioned that leaders must follow God in the true sense of the word   because failing to follow God is failing to lead.

Bishop Ukanwa is of the opinion that leaders can make use of the instrument of Opinion poll to really know who people say they are warning that leaders should not be like King Rehoboam who was stupid, foolish and lack Judgement.

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