• January 11, 2017

Bishops have again been reminded of their primary assignment of delivering the untainted word of God with pragmatic zeal.  The Bishop of Yewa diocese (Anglican Communion) the Rt. Rev Michael Oluwarohunbi gave this admonition at day three of the annual Bishop’s retreat at the IBRU international Ecumenical Centre Agbarha Otor in Delta State.

Bishop of Yewa diocese

The Cleric who did a thorough critique of the commissioning of prophet Ezekiel  said like Ezekiel, ministers of God must preach words of lamentation, perseverance and salvation with boldness that will make them stand the obstinacy of the present day audience. This according to the preacher, have some implications attached as Church leaders including being sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and his power to be able to function actively.

Bishop Oluwarohunbi said the Church exist in a dynamic and competitive environment hence leaders cannot afford to be static maintaining that routine and maintenance ministry is not good enough. He added that influence, authority, collar material possessions are rare privileges that God has given to serve him positing that they should approach their episcopal assignments with humility, awe and reverence to God and above all, have faith in Christ. According to the Bishop, the hood does not make the monk hence the measurement of faithfulness in Christ is not by the size of the Church or his followers but his level of faithfulness and obedience to what he has given a servant serving without compromising or sparing the truth. He said the larger society is bedeviled with all sorts of unpardonable evil practices warning that servants of God should not be joined in the rebellion of the people. He said Church leaders should not conform to the standards of this world or get tied up with civilian matters. Speaking on the level of unwholesome unpleasant things that are going on in the body of Christ, Bishop  Oluwarohunbi said no matter how anointed they may be, they should go against un holiness because they are called to give God’s message to the people whether they will listen or not.

 He concluded that the success of a servant of God is not measured by position, connection, flashy cars and academic qualifications adding that God’s truth does not depend on how people respond but His judgement would be on how faithful servants of God have been.

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