• November 26, 2016

The 2016 carnival for Christ was specially packaged in a weeklong of activities which the family day, a marriage programme was the cynosure of all eyes. Hosted by the Christian Men’s fellowship of Abuja Anglican diocese, it was led by the guest minister and facilitator the Rt. Revd. Abiodun Olaoye bishop of Osun North diocese with a team of discussants.

it was led by the guest minister and facilitator the Rt. Revd. Abiodun Olaoye bishop of Osun North diocese with a team of discussants.
Rt. Revd. Abiodun Olaoye bishop of Osun North diocese.

In his lead presentation the Rt. Revd. Abiodun Olaoye said Satan is not pleased with the home hence he planted foxes like deceit, diabolical acts of unforgivness, fabricated lies and all immoral acts and atrocities. He added that by that singular act of invitation to the wedding at Cana of Galilee Jesus brought sweetness to wedding as an institution. He opined that marriage should always be like a new wine which is indissoluble but full of so many spices like affection, appreciation, constructive argument, trust, honesty and where all sorts of trials are faced with humility and prayers.

In his own contribution, the Galadima of Lokoja Dr G.T.N Ajakpo reiterated that mutual love and respect is Germaine in marriage where spouses always appreciate one another and not on festive occasions alone. He submitted that when couples work together and have time for themselves, with truthfulness, spiritual focus, integrity and diligence as their watchword the relationship will not hit the rocks. Dr Ajakpo said sex and sexual relationship among married couples is the reset button God has brought into marriage.

Dr and Mrs Kalu warned against undue interference in marriage. They said many marriages have hit the rocks because they were built on wrong foundations. They advised that spouses should have constant renewals of vows and support each other when convenient and when not convenient.

Ven. And Mrs Ukaejiofo were of the strong view that children should not rush into marriage because of the resultant effect of rushing out of it. It was their considered opinion that we should go back to the days of yore where some investigations are done in to the families of the proposed marriage before they get hooked. They said this will go a long way to have a blissful marriage. The cleric and his wife agreed that marriage is inseparable union while wedding is just a celebration.

The wife of the bishop of Osun North Mrs Tessy Olaoye spoke extensively while admonishing her fellow women. She spoke against anger, bitterness, jealousy, rashness and nagging which she said some women are made of. According to her two wrongs can never make a right hence women should learn to be quiet when the man of the house is angry and raging. She raised a question that there is no fire without a smoke and that something must have aggravated the anger of the man and most of the times it is the nagging of the woman. She said for peace to reign supreme in the house and marriage, women must be quick to listen and slow to respond adding that they must see what they have as belonging to their husbands vice versa.The highly illuminating programme was an eye opener and hundreds of people that attended it at the All Sainte Anglican Church Wuse zone 5 Abuja were better for it.

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