• November 26, 2016
The Rt. Revd. James Odedeji bishop of Lagos – West Anglican diocese

Speaking on the theme ‘your faith has made you whole’’, the Rt. Revd. James Odedeji bishop of Lagos – West Anglican diocese submitted that God is God of possibilities and can do undeniable testimonies, undeniable miraculous increase and pull surprises.

He made this submission at the power night, a monthly convocation of Anglicans in the diocese of Abuja at the Basilica of Grace church Gudu district, Apo Abuja. He dwelt on the power of the spoken word which he described as wonderful and tremendous adding that with God the believer is unstoppable.

He opined that the power night programme is the fulfilment of the word because according to him, the presence of the Lord is greatly felt where there is liberty, fulfilment and abundance of joy leading to working in favour of many devoted hearts.

The cleric described the heart as the seat of possibilities and impossibilities; hence it must be guided jealously without allowing fear, because according to him, with God all things are possible. He reiterated that believers should not allow limitations so that faith can be effective for God to make way where there seems to be no way.

The ebullient preacher added that faith is so fundamental and it must be rekindled so that the just can live by faith to move mountains and fill the valleys. He posited that moving faith is great. He corroborated with wonderful biblical passages without prejudice to satanic manipulations.

He used all emphasis to expose the antics and pranks of the devil using Genesis 3:6 to prove the lust of the eyes and of the flesh is cancerous. He said this hydra headed word SIN makes man to major in the minor and unless the people walk with the Lord, trusting and obeying him.

He admonished that believers in their Christian journey must be above board or else they may not be able to attain the height that has been patterned and purposed for them. The panacea according to him is for them to obey and accept Jesus as their Lord and saviour. He said the Nigerian situation where the economy has nosedived not withstanding there is light at the end of the tunnel because God can use setbacks to lift and move his people forward. He urged the congregation to have complete faith and confidence in God adding that ‘faith cometh by hearing, hearing the word of God’’.

The staccato way of passing his message across in preaching and praying intermittently was employed. He laced spiritual passages with aggressive prayers and believing living testimonies. He prayed that God will stir up the faith of his people.

The Basilica of Grace church, the venue of the November edition of the power night was filled to capacity. Never a dull moment, many souls were touched and won for Christ with wonderful testimonies. What a glorious way to flag off this year’s 2016 carnival for Christ programme of the diocese of Abuja (Anglican Communion)

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