• June 15, 2015

Christians have been reminded again not to worship glittering things of life, but look up unto Jesus the author and finisher of their faith.

The Most Revd. Benjamin Kwashi, archbishop of the Province of Jos gave this admonition at the Saint Matthew’s Anglican Church Gwarimpa during the monthly power night prayer programme of the diocese of Abuja.

Archbishop Kwashi said that in the journey of life there are many battles to be fought but if they are not careful and prayerful they might lose the battle. According to him, God works with a consistent heart that stays glued to him, hence he said they should hold on to their faith as that is the only thing they have, for he is a jealous God.

Bishop of Jos reiterates that God’s plan for man is good not evil hence they must follow God’s agenda for them for people’s agenda will fail and they too will fall because they will surely deviate. He warned them against ingratitude, murmuring and impatience adding that it can deny them of what God has patterned and purposed for their lives, it retards and denies moving forward he said. Archbishop Kwashi said many Israelites died and did not get to the Promised Land; they wobble and fumbled because of grumbling and murmuring.

The guest preacher practicalised every point of his sermon by life experiences and concluded that it is only Jesus who has the solution to all problems because he died peoples death, rose from the dead, defeated death and Satan, hence there is nothing he cannot do in the life of a believer.

He called on leaders and rulers in the present dispensation to wait on God, be grateful to him who has preserved them. According to him, ingratitude is evil and ungrateful people are dangerous people.

He admonished them that if by any means they have fallen they should come back, repent, look up unto God and live.

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