• June 15, 2015

Men have been called upon to serve with pragmatic zeal remain in Christ and obey him to be able to bear good fruit and obey the demands of the great commission.

The Rt. Revd. Simon Mutum bishop of Normadic mission made the call while representing the primate of all Nigeria the Most Revd. Nicholas D. Okoh at the formal inauguration of the diocesan executives of the men’s fellowship held at All Saint’s church Wuse Zone 5, Abuja.

Bishop Mutum said man’s position in the church and family is appointed by God as a roll call to duty; it is divine and must not be relegated to women.

Christian men according to him must adopt the agape love of Christ not only in the church; they must always be available to their wives and families.

The newly elected and inaugurated president of the executives of the diocesan fellowship Dr. T T.Wakama in an interview reiterated the stand out of Rt. Revd.Mutum when he said that men have been called to servant leadership in the church, at home and in the community to lift up the spiritual lives of families, nuclear and extended.

Dr.Wakama said the newly inaugurated executives of men’s fellowship will work very hard to draw all men and women to God to fulfil the commission given by God taken cognizance of the lukewarm attitude of men in church activities and at home so that they will not be robbed of their leadership position at both fronts.

The inauguration of the 10 man executives was at the instance of the primate of all Nigeria (Anglican Communion) to co-ordinate all activities of men’s fellowship in all the eight archdeaconries of the Abuja diocese.

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