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The Rt. Revd. Alexander Ibezim, bishop diocese of Awka has reiterated that it is sinful for Christians not to pay taxes and pray for constituted authorities.

Bishop Ibezim gave this submission as a guest preacher at the opening service of the 2nd session of the 9th synod of Abuja Anglican diocese held at the Cathedral church of the Advent Life Camp, Abuja.

Speaking on the theme ‘then give unto Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is Gods’ Dr Alex Ibezim said Christians must obey government because they owe that obligation to God and the state. He argued that Christians should submit to government because it is God that out them there, hence they must be respected.

The ebullient preacher however said that obedience of Christians must not be slavish adding that if government asks for slavish obedience or legislation against Christians that affect their living good life must be restricted.

He urged Christians to continue to pray especially for the new administration, harping that God can establish righteousness in Nigeria through fervent prayers balanced with constructive criticism.

He called on Christians to cultivate the habit of knowing something about everything happening around them by reading newspapers, listening to radio and watching current affairs programmes of contemporary issues on television.

He congratulated the primate of all Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Most Revd. Nicholas D. Okoh for establishing the Anglican Cable

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