• January 4, 2017

“The attempt to meet physical needs has made man to be slavish to the devil, they struggle without success whereas the indescribable God is at their beck and call, nothing is difficult for him.”

The Rt. Revd Daniel Olinya, the bishop of Eha-Amufu Diocese

The Rt. Revd Daniel Olinya, the bishop of Eha-Amufu Diocese made this remark at the monthly power night programme of the diocese of Abuja, (the last for the year 2016) held at the cathedral church of the advent life camp Abuja. He made it crystal clear that man’s trouble is His trouble but man cannot receive beyond his knowledge of God as nobody prospers in a closed heavens. While speaking on the theme “I am the bread of life”, Bishop Olinya said people can do anything to get what they want, noting that kidnapping, armed robbery, stealing and looting outside and inside the church are the order of the day in order to meet physical needs because they refuse to trust, wait on the Lord and when there is small problem, they run helter-skelter looking for comfort in a terrible environment.

He said the greatest undoing to the church today is that Christians play pranks with God the omnipotent and serve small gods dining with the devil in what they call Jehovah sharp sharp; selling their faith because of food. The Bishop of Eha-Amufu diocese said people are not seeking for God but what God will offer. No wonder then people are fixing miracles and pastors turning to magicians in blasphemous transactions he said.

He said nothing in the world last, fashion, wears, houses with its architectural designs, technology and electronics. According to him people refuse to seek the kingdom of God hence they struggle all the days of their lives because they don’t know the God they are serving; adding that all the riches of the whole world cannot buy a space in the kingdom of God.

The cleric said Jesus is the Bread of Life, a complete package and no one can survive without him, he his the complete satisfaction, everything is contained in him wealth, healing and deliverance.

He said all the noise in the country today is because ritualist, giver of bribes and takers alike belittle the power of God, not knowing that believers can survive even in the desert but no man can survive without Christ, when he dies the certificate dies.

He called on Christians to set standards adding that people are not representing God well because of iniquity, all they look for is money.

He reminded people who are hiding in the church that they cannot hide forever. He posited that people should not rejoice about the miracles that are happening because it does not mean that they are children of God unless and except they accept him and save souls that they are in the hands of the devil in the church which is meant to be the centre point adding that a limitless life is found in Jesus Christ, life according to him is transient, it is ephemeral.

The power night, the last for 2016 was a complete package of transitional prayers into a new year, souls were touched and saved for Christ, it was night of inward looking, self-examination with incredible testimonies. It was a night to remember.

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