• December 29, 2016

The Primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion the Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh laid all emphasis at his command to confirm togetherness as the panacea that can hold and bind husband and wife together for a blissful flourishing married life.

Archbishop Okoh gave this illuminating experience while preaching and joining together former Mojisola Okeya with Olugbenga Akinola son of former primate Akinola together as husband and wife at the Cathedral church of the Advent Life Camp Abuja. He admonished the couple to always be together, not hanging out alone but sharing everything together and become inseparable. The Primate says trust is the pillar holding marriage firmly together hence they must have and develop trust.

He highlighted other ingredients that make marriage sweet and enjoyable including the alluring power of jealousy which he said is part of the pillars because according to him God himself is a jealous God. He said to discountenance this is to put marriage on a shaky start.

Primate Okoh said the Christian relationship is permanent, there is no walking away because what God has joined together no man should put asunder, adding quickly that those who have disregarded this have bruised themselves. While harping that Christian relationship is monogamous, the cleric says there is no deputy wife or deputy husband. He condemned in its entirety today’s promiscuous attachment whereby young ladies attach themselves with old men and young men flirts with old shameless women. He said they should rid themselves of such relationships and look for marriageable husbands instead of managing space, they should look for permanent homes and translate love in this relationship into action permanently.

The primate likened the relationship in marriage to that between Christ and the church which is sacrificial, because Christ died for the church hence the couples are admonished to love sacrificially.

Forgiveness in marriage is another ingredient that Archbishop Okoh said is very vital for marriage to be indissoluble. He made Gbenga and Moji to realize that they are imperfect and they must have spirit of forgiveness. He called on the wife to submit and honor her husband and not grab leadership by taking unilateral decisions, he said she shouldn’t be wise more than the bible, according to him true submission and surrender will make the husband trust his wife. To cap it all, Primate Nicholas Okoh said husband and wife must attend same church and in this relationship they are Anglicans pure and true they should attend the Anglican Church. He reminded them that they were trained with Anglican money, ate Anglican food and attended Anglican school. He prayed for the grace to be committed, steadfast and serve Christ diligently and with pragmatic zeal. The ebullient preacher prayed for all homes at the brink of collapse and for all hearts that are troubled and heavy laden to go back to God he will grant them peace and set them free because according to him God has the grace and everything they clamour for at its beck and call.

The big cathedral church of the Advent life Camp Abuja was filled to capacity with about fifty-five Bishops from all denominations; the clergy were many that they occupied many pews and the laity and well-wishers with different attires were resplendently dressed to match. It was an attendance of who is who from the larger society because the former Primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion. Most Rev. Peter Jasper Akinola, and Okeya families nuclear and extended are celebrities of no mean stature. It was indeed a marriage to remember because of melodious tunes and musical instrumental renditions of the cathedral standing choir that set people dancing and wriggling their bodies. Dancing like David danced.

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