• January 10, 2017

The ArchBishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Jos (Anglican Communion) the Most Rev Benjamin Kwashi has given profuse testimonies and thanks to God that in the face of turbulence, persecution and wickedness in the North, God has been their refuge. He gave this testimony at the opening service of this year’s retreat of Anglican Bishop held at St Peters Chapel IBRU international Ecumenical Center Agbarha otor in Delta state. According to him, forces of evil are still at work but Jesus has already defeated powers of hell, of darkness of wickedness and of evil.

He asked the Church to intensify their prayers for Churches in the Northern part of Nigeria adding that the persecution should not be taken for granted. Archbishop Kwashi said persecution is biting very hard but he quickly added that the devil has failed because according to him God cannot be defeated.

Talking on the Hebrew text, he opined that Christian Children should be properly trained in the scriptures like the Hebrew Children who are constantly trained for about thirty years in preparation for the ministry. He cited the example of Jesus Christ who was guided for about thirty years and used the remaining three years of his life for ministry in order to interpret the law and the prophets.

 Dr Benjamin Kwashi said our Seminaries are too academic and out scripture ordaining people who cannot memorize a chapter of the Bible. He opined that God does not ordain or anoint evil, slander envy etc. He lauded the transformational stand and background of the writer of the book of Hebrews. He gave the testimony of how the scriptures changed him on the streets of Lagos where others failed adding that paraphenalia of office has made some priests forgot their testimonies the preacher said outside the word of God the believer is nothing.

The Archbishop of Jos province said Jesus has placed the word above himself no wonder then that he said that he has come to fulfil the scriptures. On the other hand, the cleric said some people can manipulate the word but cannot live it asking that how can we embrace the salvation of Jesus if we neglect his word somebody must preach the word of salvation and live it he said.

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