Help From God Is Eternal, Long-Lasting – Bishop Nedison

  • Ngozi Maduoma
  • November 28, 2018


The Rt. Rev. Foreman Nedison, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Jalingo has emphatically stated that “Help from God is as eternal as God Himself.” He made this known at the monthly power night programme of the Diocese of Abuja, which was held at the St. Matthew’s Church, Maitama. Speaking on the theme for the month of November, “Help us, Oh God,” the Bishop stressed that it is only the help from God that is constant and present even in the midst of trouble. He quoted profusely from the Bible, highlighting examples of great men in Bible history who obtained help from God, explaining that man cannot live a victorious life without the help of God.

He mentioned that there are three types of help: the help of man that is worthless, empty and vain; diabolical help solicited from the devil that leads to shame and destruction; and the help of God that is reliable and dependable. According to him, it is only the help from God that adds no sorrow and that is available to heal, work out everything for good and turn challenges to testimonies. The guest preacher explained that those who look to man for help have settled for a life of frustration, while those who look to the devil for help have settled for destruction.

Bishop Nedison opined that to accept the fame of the devil is to embrace his shame; adding that diabolical help will only hurt a person and not help him or her. He enjoined all present to settle with the word of God, in order to enjoy a settled destiny; because according to him, when one stays with God, everything begins to work for that person. The Bishop of Jalingo pointed out that help from God is long lasting and is higher and above any other type of help one can think of. Hence, he appealed to the congregation to seek only the help of God, while also making prophetic declarations for God to intervene in the lives of His people, the Church and the nation.

Citing personal testimonies, the Bishop pointed out ways through which Christians can connect to the help of God, stating that divine help comes by asking God in prayer and not through shedding of tears. He said that praying without ceasing is the secret to accessing help without ceasing; adding that when one trusts in  God and lives in the fear of God, one receives God’s help. The Rt. Rev. Nedison observed that the fear of the Lord has left the Church, which has led to people telling lies on the pulpit and calling it preaching. He said all sorts of atrocities are being committed in the Church today and therefore, God is not willing to help the Church. He however charged those present to put their trust in God and ask Him about anything in prayer and at any time, because it is only God’s help that is always on duty, never sleeping or slumbering.

The power night for the month of November flagged off the beginning of the 2018 Carnival for Christ, a yearly programme of the Diocese of Abuja Anglican Communion; and the theme for this year is “God, Our Refuge and Strength.”

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