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Church Of Nigeria Public Notice Against Fraudsters And Impostors

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NOVEMBER 26, 2018

The activities of some ungodly persons whose conscience is dead against our Church, especially our Church fathers, by act of impersonation, fraud and scamming has necessitated this notice to the public, in order to inform kind, spirited and philanthropic individuals and organizations from falling prey to their evil practices. Please be informed that our fathers in God (the Primate, the Dean, the Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of Nigeria) will not demand funds from anyone in ways that are ungodly and clandestine.

The public, kind, spirited and philanthropic individuals and organizations are advised to crosscheck such demands for funds that are purportedly from the Church of Nigeria, our Primate, his wife, the Dean of the Church of Nigeria, or any of our Archbishops and Bishops before going ahead to send such funds as demanded.

The Church of Nigeria continues to appreciate the corporate goodwill it is enjoying with everyone and would not want it to be taken advantage of by impostors and fraudsters.
Please give this notice the necessary publicity.

The LORD be with you.

The Venerable Gershinen Paul Dajur, PhD
General Secretary, Church of Nigeria



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