• June 15, 2015

No government is qualified theologically to partake in the sacrifice made to God on the altar, it is a sin.

The Archbishop of Ondo Province and bishop of Ondo diocese (Anglican Communion) the Most.Revd. Dr. George Lasebikan made this clarification at the 2nd session of the 9th synod of the diocese of Abuja where he was the bible study leader.

Most Revd.Lasebikan however added a proviso that if the church is engaged in business activities, they must pay taxes on such enterprises.According to the erudite scholar, a wrong image is being given of the church today to the outside world.

He said the government has no right to demand accountability from the church because the church is not given subvention by the government.

While dwelling further on the theme of the synod; give unto Caesar what is Caesars’ and unto God what is Gods, the cleric said the church today is factionalised because some believe in aggrandisement where they flaunt private jets in a society where poor masses suffer.

He said the church should ask her ‘are we doing what we ought to do’. He harped that if the church is not doing well, it is the responsibility of the church to teach her congregation and never abdicate their duties.

Archbishop Lasebikan submitted that the fact that government misuses power with impunity, with immorality and ungodly practices does not mean that Christians should be in dilemma whether or not to obey the government. According to him all subjects are bound to be obedient to civil authority adding that it is an act of people’s accountability and faithfulness to God to obey and serve the powers that be.

Dr Lasebikan concluded that it is this challenge that makes it imperative for Christians to join politics and help the formation of good governance.

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