• June 15, 2015

A cleric and erudite scholar the Most Revd. Dr George Lasebikan, archbishop of Ondo Province (Anglican Communion) has likened politics in Nigeria to a conduct of public affairs for private advantage.

Archbishop Lasebikan gave this vivid description at the grand finale of the 2nd session of the 9th synod of diocese of Abuja (Anglican Communion) at the Cathedral church of the Advent Life Camp, Abuja.

He said although campaigns and elections have gone but it will be on record how politicians used unworthy ways and deceit to defraud the electorates and enrich themselves and their pockets yet God has not abandoned the throne.

Dr Lasebikan said it is a tragedy that non believer is the one who wants to fight corruption where are the Christians he asked.

However he went down memory lane and cited many instances in the bible where God will allow unbeliever to rule as kings and performed wonderfully well.

Most.Revd.Lasebikan submitted that believers in Christ are citizens of two nations belonging to Nigeria and heaven.

While preaching on the theme of the 2nd session of the 9th synod Dr Lasebikan said ‘Now give unto Caesar’s what is Caesars and to God what is God’s’ means that it is the obligation of Christians to be responsible citizens to the government no matter the maladministration and challenges.

He said Christians have only one option left and that is to become citizens of heaven. He therefore warned that the church should not be satisfied with a large turnout and huge members but qualitative Christians not members who are easily bought with money.

Most Revd.Lasebikan said the church must emphasise the uniqueness of having the Holy Spirit for empowerment and drive. According to him, it is the Holy Spirit that can energise the believer to achieve those things that have been patterned and purposed by God for their lives. He said the Holy Spirit did not come by accident but by design of God the master planner.

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