• February 13, 2017

It’s been observed that many Christians are working without watching, power is diminishing so also are power of prayer, evangelism, power of fasting they are all diminishing and there is stagnation.

The bishop of Kaduna diocese (Anglican Communion), the Rt. Revd. Timothy Yahaya made this observation as a guest preacher at the January edition of ‘power Night’, a monthly programme of the diocese of Abuja. Bishop Yahaya said Christians should know that the only propelling power is the power of the Holy Spirit for them to be watchful since the year 2017 is an unknown terrain.

Speaking on the theme of the power night ‘recovering the borrowed Axe Head’’, the bishop said the Axe head is the power of God in Christian lives hence Christians should use human methods to decipher spiritual things or else they will lose it. He noted that there are many versions of Christians and Christianity as man is marrying man, women become lesbians at will, dogs marry women.

The Ebullient preacher opined that the axe head of the church is no longer sharp because according to him, they have turned the church to merchandise where people pray and nothing is happening because the church has lost its saltiness.

He said the church needs to sharpen the axe head by erecting family altars where they will on daily basis do critical examination of themselves because they have lost the axe head.

He re-iterated that Christians must be very careful, confess their sins and respect their leaders to be able to recover the axe. He added that life is a trust given by God for a purpose hence bad situation must be seriously confronted because after this pilgrimage and sojourn on earth, the axe head will be submitted to God.

The bishop of Kaduna did not mince words to say that the people are terribly becoming too sophisticated to the Holy Spirit and their bid to change the bible and Holy Spirit has failed. He said people must have concern over their lives, study the word and follow the dictates of the word so as not to receive a negative reward and lose the axe head because according to him, it is very expensive.

Bishop Yahaya prayed that all that have been lost to the cankerworm shall be restored and recovered through God’s power in them.

Never a dull moment as the power packed power night kept worshippers on their toes, no sleep no slumber but unceasing prayers. Many people were touched and gave their lives and there was great rejoicing. The guest preacher was in turn prayed for by the Primate of All Nigeria Most. Revd. Nicholas D. Okoh who was at the night watch with his wife Nkasiobi praying.

It was a night to remember.

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