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The bishop of Egba Anglican diocese has expressed profound gratitude to God for the level of success achieved during the hosting of the standing committee meeting.

The bishop in his interview expressed delight at the turn out of event which according to him was an opportunity to serve the church.

The cleric stated that the theme is timely and apt adding that the theme is a way of God proving himself to man. He said in any form they are looking up to God, he will surely prove himself to be the ‘I am’’ in their lives. He added that the theme is also a form of assurance that he is God and he is able to deliver them from all their challenges.

He called on the assembly not to waver in faith citing the example of the children of Israel who at the point which they needed the intervention of God, the ‘I am that I am’’ proved himself by delivering them, hence God is all powerful and capable to surmount any challenge in their lives.

He therefore prayed that God will bless everyone tremendously.

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