• June 29, 2018

The Primate of All Nigerian (Anglican Communion) has again with all emphasis reiterated that human beings are limited adding that life is one property that nobody can do insurance for, According to him, no insurance policy is doing that yet the only thing they do is insuring life paying money after death.

He said “nobody can insure so that one will remain the same” no insurance Company can do that because men are limited they look into the future helplessly.

Mrs Dorcas Modupe Akinkugbe

The Primate gave this message at the 70th Birthday thanksgiving service of Mrs Dorcas Modupe Akinkugbe held at the Church of Transfiguration Gaduwa Estate Abuja. Primate Okoh showered encomuims on Mrs. Akinkugbe and congratulated her for shouldering the responsibilities meant for two people after her husband died over 30years ago. He thanked God for her strength and resilience and for using all her experience acquired in the bank and her ingenuity to move the Church of God forward as the Treasurer of the Diocese of Abuja. He prayed profusely for all her accomplishment for the diocese.

The Primate reminded the birthday celebrant that she is an elder and her role should be build and not to destroy. He said she must get involved in Youth work because people preaching homosexuality have turned the world upside down. He said Homosexuality is unnatural. It is ungodly and it makes everybody to agree that black is white, evil is good. He added that it is on record written in a book form evils associated with Homosexuality including AIDS that is ravaging and destroying communities. He called on old experienced hands to get involved with youth works without prejudice to what names they are likely to be called like conservatives, old generation and the likes.

The Primate of all Nigeria submitted that without the help of the elderly ones the youths will crash. The Most Rev Nicholas Okoh said most of the problems the world has with marriages today is because the youth reject the advice of the elders adding that for the youth to succeed in life, they must listen to the elders for direction. Youths he said, must humble themselves, listen to advice to be able to succeed.

He reminded the youths that youth is not a permanent condition. It is a passing phase hence they must listen to the elders. He urged the celebrant, fathers and mothers to get involved in this new task of giving the youth direction, offering their counsel using their wealth of experience to get them out of Nigeria’s terrible unemployment. He concluded by praying for the celebrant, her families nuclear and extended, Nigeria and the Church of God.

The Celebrant, Mrs. Dorcas Modupe Akinkugbe gave a special musical presentation with her sonorous voice eulogizing God for his faithfulness, mercy and support. It was singing and dancing with the children, friends and well-wishers thanking God for his goodness and mercy.

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