• July 2, 2018
Ven. Professor Chinedu Nebo

“God has a way of making himself clear to his people”.

It doesn’t matter how intense the darkness. It doesn’t matter how trying the situation might be.

It doesn’t matter how unpalatable the circumstances of the environment; God has promised that he will not leave his people he will always be with them.”

These are the words of assurance that the former minister of Power the Ven. Professor Chinedu Nebo opened with at the June edition of the Power Night Vigil of the Diocese of Abuja held at the Cathedral Church of the Advent, Life Camp Abuja as their guest Speaker.

According to Professor Nebo, God guides his people as long as they obey God’s guidance adding that God is capable to give victory not minding what the environment is. Wilderness he said is a way of discipline, not an easy road but a way of growth, of maturity but unfortunately he said too many Christians are Bread and butter, good weather Christians, they are only close to God when things are sweet but when things get rough they backslide.

The erudite scholar was emphatic that they never come to God until they have a problem and when the problem is solved they back off, adding that God is looking for all weather Christians because the wilderness experience is to keep them in check and return to the providential guidance system to prevent the derailing of believers from the heavenly pathway and from making a shipwreck of the joy of the people to heaven stating that he owes no explanation for everything he does in their lives because he holds the rational principle that holds the world together.

He said God is the quintessential guide, he knows the way through the wilderness all the people needs to do is to follow and depend on him.

The ebullient speaker said Christians must be faithful to God their guide so that the gate of hell shall not prevail pointing to obedience to God’s guidance system as imperative because the eyes of the Lord goes to and from the earth seeking to make himself strong and mighty.

He called on Christians to leave their comfort zone and disturb Satan before he catches up and disturbs them because according to the professor the enemy is monitoring the moves of Christians always pursuing to trap them but because God is instantaneous and rugged in leadership, by fiat victory is won because the excellent God is aware of their situations.

He called on all Christians to have unshaken faith in God just as David did adding that the fear of the anxiety and Trepidation of Christians in Nigeria today have reached a crescendo but he declared that God is capable to deliver, restore, set free and meet them at the point of their needs because he is good kind and compassionate.

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