• Ngozi Maduoma
  • July 4, 2019


The Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion has consecrated four new Suffragan Bishops and presented two new Archbishops. The four new Bishops, Olukayode Adegbogun, Adesoji Adedokun, Martins Anagbogu and Augustine Unuigbe are to serve in the Anglican Diocese of the Trinity (ADOTT) in USA; while the two new Archbishops are Emmanuel Chukwuma as Archbishop of Enugu Province and Daniel Abu Yisa as Archbishop of Lokoja Province.

At the Consecration service held at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Cathedral Church, Ikeja, Lagos, the guest preacher the Rt. Rev. Amos Fagbamiye, Bishop of the Anglican diocese of the Trinity emphatically stated that there is only one gospel for all times and generations and for all cultures and races. He said the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as recorded in the word of God is for everyone and therefore it is the Christian duty to spread this gospel.

Speaking on the topic, “Move forward with the gospel,” the Bishop called on those to be consecrated to recognize that they have been appointed, just as Christ called His disciples to Himself, to be missionaries of the gospel, as well as representatives of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion. He said they must move forward with the gospel because Christ said so when He commissioned His disciples, and by extension the Church, to make disciples of all nations.

Bishop Fagbamiye encouraged the newly elected to take time to read up on the history of the early missionaries who came to Nigeria, and observe all that they went through for the gospel; noting that they are also missionaries of the Church of Nigeria who must endeavor to preach the authentic gospel of Jesus Christ in their places of assignment. He charged them to preach the gospel that is inspired by the Holy Spirit, gospel that can cast out demons and heal the sick. He urged them to never disconnect from their source of power, which is Jesus Christ and not become social media Bishops who spend all their time on social media when they ought to constantly be in the presence of God, seeking Him daily through His word and prayer.

He said, “Don’t be Facebook Bishops, but Face God Bishops and Face Scripture Bishops, who seek to know God daily.”

The Bishop of ADOTT pointed out that in spite of civilization, America and Canada needs God and genuine preachers of His word. Hence, he charged the elects to preach the gospel of salvation and redemption, not just in words but through their lifestyle. He urged them not to betray the Christian faith or the faith of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion. He asked them to be accountable to God, because there is a judgement day when all will give account of their stewardship.

Bishop Fagbamiye concluded his message with a warning to the new Bishops to be careful of men who are more interested in their bellies; charging them to trust in God who has called them and do what is right. According to him, God is not dead, not matter the circumstances around and therefore, there is no sufficient reason not to continue in the gospel of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He emphasized that Christ is worth dying for, so all Christians should move forward with the gospel no matter the threat to their lives. He called for prayers and support, praying that God will raise the Church of Nigeria to evangelize to the world.

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