• Ngozi Maduoma
  • July 10, 2019


The Rt. Rev. Jeremiah Kolo, Bishop of the Anglican diocese of Kutigi has termed it unfortunate that the global Church has strayed away from its worship of God and has become more interested in flowing with the tides of the world’s trending currents; engaging in immaterial debates such as same sex union and feminism movement that are contrary to biblical standards. He made this known while delivering his charge at the 2nd Session of the 3rd Synod of the Diocese held at St. Paul’s Church, Fazhi, Niger State.

Speaking on the Synod theme, “Back to Bethel,” the Bishop said the theme is a call to Christians to repent, retrace their steps and rid themselves of every idol that has taken the place of God in their lives.

Using the biblical story of Jacob, the cleric pointed out that like Jacob the global Church has neglected the gospel of salvation, but in pretense keep building altars at “Shechem”, while at the same time allowing idols to be worshipped within its fold.  He opined that the Church has been caught in the intricate web where many have compromised their faith in order to align with globalists and popular opinion, even when such opinions are against the teachings and worship of the Lord, Jesus Christ. According to him, “What the Bible teaches about God and salvation has been set aside to accommodate philosophies.” This, he said has led to a lot of the calamities that the Church is facing today.

Bishop Kolo said Nigeria is a very religious country with places of worship on almost every street, yet sadly this has not changed the plight of Nigerians. Corruption is still high and endemic and crime rates have reached alarming proportions in the country, because Nigerians are good at paying lip service to serious issues, especially on the things that concern God, he said. According to the Bishop of Kutigi, the only solution to the legion of problems facing the country is for people to heed God’s command and go back to Bethel, which he described as the dwelling place of God, a home of peace and rest from trouble, sickness and stagnation. The Rt. Rev. Jeremiah Kolo concluded with a call to Christians and Nigerians to arise and return to Bethel. He said this command is for all and that anyone finding life hard or very difficult should heed this call.

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