• March 6, 2020


According to the Rt. Rev’d Joseph Musa, Bishop of the Diocese of Idah, Anglican Communion, the Holy Spirit is the power of the Church; and He is for the edification of the Church and to bring glory to God, not for personal gain.

Preaching on the day 5 of the annual Lenten programme of the Diocese of Abuja tagged, “The way of the Cross” held at the Cathedral Church of the Advent, Life Camp, Bishop Musa explained that no individual has monotony of the Holy Spirit. He said in spite of the state of the Church today, it is still the mind of God for the Church to operate with the power of the Holy Spirit, because that is the only way the Church can prevail over the enemy.

Speaking on the topic, “Operating the gifts of the Holy Spirit”, the Bishop observed that the operation of the gift of the Holy Spirit is the most misused in the Church today. He said a lot of false prophesies are given in the Church, with the claim that it is from the Holy Spirit. He however urged the congregation not to be intimidated when others misuse the power of the Holy Spirit or be carried away by the many deliverances that are taking place in certain Churches today.

The preacher acknowledged that Africans are so used to voodoo, which to him is the reason many flock around places and pastors who practice charms and use talisman. He said the problem is that some Christians have greedy eyes and are more interested in miracles than the word of God; adding that the solution to exercising the power of the Holy Spirit is to be genuinely born again, know and study the word of God and continue to grow in faith.

The Bishop of Idah Anglican Diocese admonished Christians to test every spirit, know their rights as children of God and understand that with the Holy Spirit, they too can perform miracles. He pointed out that so many believers are deceived, so instead of staying in a Church and gaining spiritual maturity, they keep moving from one church to the other in search of miracles.

Bishop Musa charged those present at the programme to not give up because there are false prophets in the Church, but to fight back by utilizing the gift of the Holy Spirit in their lives. He stressed that there is power in prayer and that the Spirit of God does wonders and is available to bring victory to children of God.

The Rt. Rev’d Joseph Musa concluded that Christians need to operate in the Spirit of God and they need the gifts of the Holy Spirit to operate in the Church and in their lives, so that they can bring glory to God. The Bishop ended his ministration with an altar call, prophetic declarations and prayers.

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