• Ngozi Maduoma
  • May 13, 2019


From time immemorial wedding is a happy occasion. It occupies a noble and very high relationship, very advanced when it is broken analytically into many compartments; love is self-denial and sacrifice and this noble love leads to marriage.

The Primate of All Nigeria Anglican Communion, the Most Revd. Nicholas D. Okoh gave this breakdown in a sermon he tilted “self-giving love” at the wedding of the daughter of the Ven. Andrus Ukaejiofor at St. James Anglican Church, Asokoro.

The Primate who quoted extensively from the Bible to corroborate his topic, reiterated that in the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, marriage is between man and a woman as it was instituted from the beginning, ordained for mutual society, fellowship between two people, human beings that are incapable, who cannot live without relationship. These qualities according to the Primate are what Nonso and Chinyere have come to demonstrate in the open, telling the whole world that they are reliable and trustworthy.  He reminded the young couple that they must grow into actual sexual life, with decency rules and regulations and honour without defiling the marriage bed, adding that their sexual life must be separate, exclusive, without being abused, so as not to hinder prayers.

He warned against sexual sin saying it is not an affair. He vehemently condemned the dangers in homosexuality and the children that same sex partners are adopting, calling it serious confusion in the world today. He said man has committed suicide by turning the world upside down and rejecting the perfect world which God has given; adding that this act of rebellion is evil.

Primate Okoh said the tradition that has brought us has made marriage to be permanent and asked the new couple to work at it. He highlighted some enemies of relationship as selfishness, which has ruined many marriages; he said they should temper their desires with godliness. Sexual sin, according to the Primate is another problem that is shaking the institution of marriage to the roots and has made the pillars of some homes fall and the trust holding the relationship to be knocked down. He said what is in vogue now is urbanization, progress, women liberation, which he said is good; but he quickly added that some have mismanaged it and have become nuisance in the society. He brought to fore another problem in marriage; spiritual confusion which he said kills the house more than any other disease and urged the couple and congregation to steer clear of it.

He called on married couples to live together in unity, not listening to strange doctrines, worship together without growing one sided, and avoid fatal clash because of love of money; adding that the bedrock of the family     is love, peace, joy, happiness and by being born again and gaining entrance to life eternal.

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