• Ngozi Maduoma
  • May 8, 2019


“Service to God is imperative, Christians must learn to serve God, the fountain of their lives without murmuring. Serving God faithfully brings life so they must serve God from the beginning till they meet Him face to face.”

This is the submission of the Rt. Rev. Andrew Ajayi, Bishop of Ekiti Kwara Anglican Diocese at the opening service marking the Third Session of the Ninth Synod of Oke Osun Anglican Diocese at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church Onilete, Iwo.

Speaking on the theme of the Synod, “We are unprofitable servants,” Bishop Ajayi said the resume of the theme of the Synod is humility in service, using one’s wealth and position without looking back or counting the cost. He added that braggarts in the world today think that without them the Church cannot grow; submitting that the Church of God will continue without them.

He warned that Christians should not expect immediate reward or gratification when they humble work for God, or expect praises from people but rather they should do the work of God freely without asking to reap the fruits or bragging; adding that they are what they are today by the grace of God.

The soft spoken Cleric said with all emphasis at his disposal that as Christians, forgiveness is very important and they need faith and grace to forgive adequately. He said that as children of God they should submit themselves to be used at all times because God deserves the best, they must serve Him the proper way.

According to Bishop Ajayi, it is when holy people are in holy places that the place is holy; adding that it is when they serve God diligently and faithfully that they will receive much grace to attain their targets. He thundered that people cannot blindfold God with what they have because everything on earth belongs to Him; adding that money is good but they should not use it for themselves alone but for their neighbours who surround them.

Bishop Andrew Ajayi showered encomiums on the retiring Bishop of Oke Osun Anglican Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Akinlalu who started his ministry from the scratch as a Catechist and rose in preferment to the apex, yet he said, he is an unprofitable servant, because he will continue to serve Christ till the end of his life. He said it is only when we receive the pronouncement and confirmation of welcome by God to come and rest at His bosom, wearing the unfaded crown that they have become profitable servants.

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