• March 7, 2018

By Ven Foluso Taiwo 

The Ven. Professor Pic Onwuchei from the Anglican Diocese of Jos in the Ecclesiastical Province of Jos in Plateau State has reiterated that Salvation is not by Merit but by the divine Grace and mercy of God.

He laid this emphasis as a guest preacher at this year “THE WAY OF THE CROSS” the Annual Lent Programme of the Diocese of Annual Programme at the Cathedral Church of the Advent Life Camp Abuja.

Speaking on the Topic Saved by Grace Ven. Professor Onwuchei who took his text from Genesis 28: 12 ff and Jacob as his Chief protagonist said if there is anybody that is not qualified to live, it was Jacob, because he was a fraudster so uncomfortable because of sin but the grace of God saved him.

According to the erudite Scholar, compromises makes people to run away from the present of God, it was not surprising therefore that Jacob ran away. He said that God purposed and designed it that man should worship and interact with him at the beginning. With all emphasis at his disposal Professor Onwuchei treated the nity-gritty of the topic “Saved by Grace” and submitted that God was with Jacob but Jacob was laichadaisical; yet the promise of God to Jacob did not fail he brought him back to his father’s house.

The Venerable Professor then concluded that all sinners have the opportunity to come back to God without prejudice to the insensitivity of people because of sin. He urged all and sundry to respond to God’s grace, promises instructions, and not be slave to sin because according to him there are consequences to sin. Sin is a disgrace and a man who doesn’t have Christ is directionless.

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