• March 7, 2018

Jesus Christ has lavished mankind with freedom through boundless incomparable love, mercy and grace voluntarily carrying the cross.

The Bishop of Pankshin Anglican Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Olumuyiwa Ajayi made this statement at Day 2 of the Annual Programme of the Diocese of Abuja Anglican Diocese “The Way of the Cross” at the Cathedral Church the Advent Life Camp Abuja.

He said Jesus Christ, a wonderful risk taker has saved the people from total destruction because according to him their lives are by his grace.

Bishop Ajayi said a lot of people in the world today are in darkness, they have been blinded and cannot see the light because of loads of sins on their heads. Many of them he said are wallowing in abject poverty because of ignorance that God has paid for; with Jesus carrying the pains and sorrows adding that but for mercy and grace many would have been dead.

Bishop of Pankshin said if the cross is removed from the faith of the people everything would be useless because the cross is a great opportunity opened to all people of the Lord and Jesus the ransom and redeemer has paid the price for their sins. He prayed that people will not die anyhow because Jesus died and swallowed untimely death in the lives of his people.

He admonished Christians to make up their minds and stop being enslaved to the slavery of sin.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Olumuyiwa Ajayi urged thousands of people who attended the programme to get conscious of the second coming of Jesus Christ because he can come at any time.

He asked them to give a life of service to Christ adding that Christ is tired of people going to Church doing nothing for him. He urged them to use their various gifts to serve Christ in one way or the other.

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