• February 7, 2018

Poverty of riches as a paradox is like two uncomplimentary words that are still the same. People are rich but they are very poor in godliness.

They are very poor in insight to what amount to the riches in heaven, the righteous garment you put on is the deed of the people. They have money but they were self-introverted and we are talking a nation that is affluent and so prosperous but there are very many who walk on the street. The way to reflect your wealth is the poorest man. People are dying of starvation, people are dying of poverty, people are dying of neglect, people are dying of diseases, and this is where health will reflect on the nationalities. So we have a lot to do in term of godliness. Godliness is measured by the plum line of how people fear God through their fellowmen and also subscribe to what God is saying. God is not dumb   and deaf; He did not write the Bible and went on leave. The spirit of God is still talking and He is talking through men of God and He is even talking through the poor man groaning for attention.

Herdsmen and farmers clash can be prevented if all of us are buying food if all of us are to feed the nation, we should do it and not one aspect of the farmer eating up the others. We should learn to be in a very organized way where plant eating animals will be shielded from our crops and God has blessed this nation with vast land. Kwara State for instance has ten times of the size of Lagos. If this things are very organized and animals are restrained we shall all reap the dividend of the fear of God, equity and justice and peace.

I am happy that a lot of people are kicking against. colonies for ranches and farmers. We are all Nigerians; don’t colonize a group of people below others. When ranches are provided in designated places, they are not exclusive for one tribe or the other. We have survived colonization, in fact the wrong word is being used for it, they should be ranches and these ranches should be provided in States, not that one tribe go all over and man colonies and colonize others. Maybe it is a misapplication of words, this is a liberated nation and we are looking forward to the right thing being done and if people are kicking against. it, then it’s not democracy. Democracy is to be able to have peace, godliness, sleep and not wake up a dead man in the morning because somebody had visited you in the night.

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