• February 7, 2018

The Bishop of Otukpo Anglican Diocese the Rt. Rev David Kayode Bello has described the church of Nigeria Anglican Communion as reflecting the generality of the society she has found herself where there is extreme wealth and extreme poverty and people are living in wretchedness and abject poverty.

Bishop Bello gave this submission at day 3 of this year’s Standing committee meeting at St. Barnabas cathedral church at Sabo-Oke in Ilorin. Having done a comparative analysis of his text, the church in Laodicea and the church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Bishop Bello affirmed that the church in Nigeria has extreme wealth and extreme poverty. Looking at its Dioceses, some are so wealthy and some are so very poor.

He gave kudos to the Primate for the introduction and disbursement of St.. Mathias fund. According to him, if not for St. Mathias fund, some Dioceses would have been worse off today.

The ebullient Preacher raised so many questions begging for answer in wise and fruitful spending in churches. Are the churches getting their priorities right? Like the church in Laodicea; are we honest. in spending church money? Are we not like the Laodicea church having many terrible things in common, thus dragging Bishopric into the mud.

Bishop Bello drew the searchlight on the church intensely and concluded that just as every nation must be accountable and combat poverty so also the church must be accountable and fight poverty. He said Jesus is outside, knocking at the door of our hearts, He urged the congregation to open the door of their heart. He urged them to retrace their Steps, have a rethink in doing serious mission work and spending the resources of the church wisely.

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