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“Death is the natural end of everyman.  No man can win the battle with death, we all have appointment with death both physical and spiritual, so human beings are very frail and can die at anytime, nobody will live forever.”

This was the submission of the Very Rev. Dr Wale Adebiyi the Provost of Ibadan North Anglican Diocese at the burial service of Late Chief Joseph Ayo Labiyi former Principal of Ibadan Grammar School, at the Cathedral Church of St. Peter’s Aremo in Ibadan North Anglican diocese.

The Cleric who drew his text from 2 Samuel chapter 3 verse 38 said that we should be mindful of the notification of death on daily basis through grey hairs, wrinkled skin, wobbling knees because these are signs that death is imminent. He said all the cream that people use to keep smooth and young is just deception, because it is appointed for man to die and after death is judgment; adding that no man can cheat death, appointment with death cannot be missed.

He said that Jesus Christ laid down his life for mankind, so that they might have life, spiritual life.  He added that some people are dead while they are still alive, because of disobedience and cares of the world, pride, treachery, living for pleasure, boasting, bragging; hence they are likely to die eternally except they give their life to Jesus Christ. He said the rich fool was spiritually dead while alive, because he was ungrateful and self centered.

He said categorically that wealth, material riches, knowledge, positions cannot save; only Jesus can save.

The preacher who quoted profusely from the scriptures said there are poor and rich people who will end in hell; adding that poverty is not a surety that people will go to heaven, because poor people are in hell. He called on the young and old, rich and poor to seize the opportunity of now to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour and accept the responsibility to live Christ and prepare for death while living in Christ and allowing Christ to live in them.

The big ancient Church of St. Peters Cathedral Aremo was filled to the brim with well wishers and friends sitting under the canopy outside, all in honour of the Ibadan Chief who hailed from Obadim Community in Ora Aru Local Government of Oyo State.

Many encomiums were showered on late Pa Joseph Ayoola Labiyi who was so indefatigable as the principal of Lagelu Grammar School and Ibadan Grammar School for many years and served meritoriously. The Ibadan Chief who died at 93 years will be remembered for his discipline, vision, focus and mission.

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