• June 4, 2019


The Bishop of Diocese of Idah (Anglican Communion), the Rt. Rev. Dr Joseph Musa has reassured believers that the mercy and glory of God can make them to shine and rise beyond their expectation.

He gave this message of assurance at the monthly night vigil programme power night of the Diocese of Abuja (Anglican Communion) at the Basilica of Grace Church, Gudu District Apo, Abuja.

He said it is very possible to live a joyful life and see the glory of God shining with a new beginning of a new life.

While speaking on the theme for the power night, “Woman why are you crying”, Bishop Musa said there are four kinds of tears, tears shed in prayers, praying with tears or liquid prayers in prayer of remembrance tears good for health and guild of crying, which he said is common with women who have become specialists in it.  He harped on tears that reduce tension and depression and of course sorrowful crying, which is as a result of intense emotion.

The cleric mirrored the society and highlighted the common occurrence in the society today, which is people committing suicide, hanging themselves because of depression and intense emotional problem.  He said quality of life has reduced as a result of the worsening economic situation in the country.

He observed that so many ministers of God are not fulfilled and are crying soliloquizing on whether they are serving God enough adding that confusion has entered the larger society because of depression.  He called on Christians to be humble in the face of depression and suffering that is blocking vision because according to him God is a God of all grace hence they must know the God they are serving.

He opined that hopelessness, shame and despair came as a result of depression acting that it is only concrete faith that conquers, that moves mountain and believes in miracles because God is a covenant keeping and faithful God that knows all names.

He called on Christians to stop running away from church and cultivate the habit of prayer for destinies to be restored and spiritual eyes to be opened.

Bishop of Idah called the attention of the people to the abundant grace of Grace which he says is sufficient is what they need in their lives because according to him the grace of God brings solution to challenges and problems.

He said the grace to succeed, the grace to accomplish and be fulfilled is such if Christians remain steadfast adding that every situation needs grace to solve it because grace and favour of God is forever.

The ebullient preacher prayed profusely against evil destiny changers in the family, the places of work, the church and the larger society.  He highlighted some challenges and prayed one after the other.  It was a night of teaching, a night of preaching of healing of intense prayers with long lists of solutions.

Souls were won for Christ never a dull moment as people trooped in and out for prayers. It was a night to remember.

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