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Fear, anxiety and desperation are three cogent highlights of what gave birth to the cry of the disciples during the storm when they said, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing” (Mark 4:38).

This was the submission of the Rt. Rev. David Onuoha, Bishop Diocese of Okigwe-South and the Episcopal Secretary of Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion at the Thanksgiving service of the First Session of the Tenth Synod held at the St. Matthew’s Church Maitama, Abuja.
Bishop Onuoha was of the opinion that there can be fierce storms while following Jesus. He said Jesus could not call His people to life without storms and afflictions because He is able to deliver them. According to the Preacher, in the Anglican Church, the cross is given prominence not the picture of the general overseer, adding that when God makes a person to pass through tribulation, He wants to take him to greater heights.

He said that tribulation, trials, sufferings though are no respecter of the master yet they have their eternal gains. He called on all who labour and are heavy laden to go directly to God and cast all anxiety and problems unto Him, He would always give them rest. The Episcopal Secretary remarked that it is unfortunate that Nigeria is in the face of corruption because of the insatiable love for money and as the nation is exploring various political economic problems facing the country, the leaders should have at the back of their minds that the only person to turn to is Jesus, He is the perfect solution.

He called for a national day of confession and prayer, adding that the magnitude of the problem at hand has never been experienced in the annals of history of this country. He is of the opinion that the height of wickedness as being witnessed by high and low can only go if the leaders allow Jesus to come in, because according to him, whatever Jesus enters into no matter how grave the ill wind and storms, there is always peace and calmness.

He reiterated that Nigeria will not go down, it will not disintegrate, praying that Nigeria will flourish and progress, but on one condition that the citizenry should work with Jesus and He in turn will renew their strength no matter how fierce the journey. Nigeria will not sink, he prayerfully concluded.

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