Nigeria Shall Rise Again, This Siege Shall Be Over – Primate Ndukuba

  • Adesewa Orioye
  • May 14, 2024

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Henry Ndukuba, has expressed optimism that Nigeria would rise again to take its place in the comity of nations despite the current challenges.

The Primate made this statement while briefing newsmen at the Thanksgiving Service to mark an end to the 2024 second session of the 12th Synod with the theme: “By This Time Tomorrow: Breaking the Siege upon the Nation in Abuja.

He said Nigeria was going through a siege, which required God’s intervention, and whenever a city or a nation is under siege, there are so many evil things that happen. It is both spiritual, economic, political, and otherwise, oftentimes, people lose their humanity.


“We are being occupied or surrounded by an army that is greater than us. Wickedness is an army, corruption is an army, and nepotism is an army.

“We can not break this yoke by ourselves. It will take the intervention of God for us to succeed. And our prayer is that God will intervene in the situation of our country.

“There is the possibility that Nigeria will rise again and will take her place in the committee of nations. if Nigerians will thrive and succeed outside, we have greater things to offer, not only to ourselves in Nigeria, but to Africa and to the world.
“We are so blessed that we have enough here to take care of everything and everyone that is in this country.
Primate Ndukuba urged Nigerians to genuinely forsake their evil ways and return to God for repentance if the country must truly overcome its challenges.

“Let us return to God in repentance. And as we turn to God in repentance as leaders, God will show us mercy, and he will heal and forgive our sins, we pray that Nigeria will hearken to the word of God if we turn to the Lord, he will show us mercy and break this yoke,” he said.

He urges the citizens, irrespective of their faith, to forsake their evil ways and do the right things at all times. According to him; “It is not only the leaders that are corrupt, the ordinary people are also corrupt, if we will do our best wherever we have found ourselves, in our market and business places, in our offices, in the places wherever God has placed us.
“Let us insist on doing the right thing and let there be justice and fairness. If we do so, I believe that we will change this nation. There is a need for us to value the things that God values.” He added.

Meanwhile, He advised individuals going through any form of bondage spiritually, economically, or health-wise to look up to God and trust Him for deliverance.
He assured them that “It is for this purpose that Jesus Christ, the Son of God came, that he may destroy everything that the enemy has done in our lives, and the power of God will set you free.”

In a sermon, Rt. Rev Johnson Atere who is the Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Awori, advised Nigeria to return to God and have faith in His word.

He attributed the challenges facing the country to the failure of the leaders to hearken to God’s words and the counsel of his servants.

He, however, said no matter the challenges, the solution was in the word of God, saying God would always send his word to deliver the people.

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