Primate Ndukuba Speaks on the State of the Nation, Backs State Police.

  • Adesewa Orioye
  • May 13, 2024

By Korede Akintunde   

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion and the Bishop of Abuja Diocese has expressed a great concern about the state of Nigeria owing to the current economic, security and food inflation situations.

Archbishop Henry stated this while delivering his address at the 2nd Session of the 12th Synod of the Diocese of Abuja on Saturday 11th May, 2024. The Synod which commenced on Thursday 9th with an Opening Eucharistic Service is holding at the Basilica of Grace Church, Gudu, Abuja with the theme “By This Time Tomorrow: Breaking The Siege Upon The Nation” (2 Kings 7:1,6-9) is to come to an end on Sunday 12th May with a Thanksgiving service.

The Primate called on the government of the day under the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to do more to reduce the pains the people are experiencing as a result of the current economic downturn. He commended the leadership of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mr. Ola Olukoyede, for the fresh drive to call past leaders to order and to answer for their corruption escapades and to be held accountable for their actions.

While speaking on the security situation in Nigeria, the Primate noted that the over centralization of the security architecture is not delivering the necessary results and therefore remains a critical issue not to be politicized. He noted that “Given the vastness and diversities in the country, the establishment of a State or Regional Police Force will help each geo-political zone respond to the challenge of insecurity in their region and bring stability, security and economic growth. Nobody can passionately defend and protect a territory bette

r than those who have stakes in such a place”.

The Primate call on every citizen of the country to aim at the basic act of planting crops and nurturing them to harvest even at the little space available within their environment.

Read the full text of the Primate’s Remark on the state of the Nation below;

The Present Administration:

These are very tough times in our country. We appreciate President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the efforts being made to tackle the hydra-headed problems of this country in every sector. We commend the indefatigable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Barr. Nyesom Wike, for the concerted efforts to drive visible change in the completion of some infrastructural projects in the FCT, the move to renovate and strengthen Public Schools, attention to the rural communities and collaboration with community leadership to drive the important issues of Security and Development. It has been an eventful first year in office. These notwithstanding, we decry the increasing hardship, starvation, economic difficulties which ordinary Nigerian families are facing. We also commend the nature of appointments into offices as Ministers and Heads of Government Agencies and Parastatals.  The New Chairman of EFCC Mr. Olanipekun Olukoyede must be commended for the fresh drive to call past leaders to order and to answer for their corruption escapades and to be held accountable for their actions. The latest in our minds is the former Aviation Minister, Alh. Sirika who swindled this nation under the guise of establishing a National Air Carrier. It was such that his collaborators in Ethiopia were immediately sacked by the Government of Ethiopia while Mr. Sirika was walking free in Nigeria and looting more. Our calls for him to be held accountable were not heeded to as at then.

The investigation into the activities of leaders who constitute themselves into Evil Cabals and Sacred Cows in this country must be intensified.Leadership must be seen as a Sacred Trust from God and an opportunity to serve God and Humanity, whether in the Political and Public spheres or in the Church and Sacred spheres. A situation in which holders of offices personalisetheir positions and constitute themselves into demi-gods to be feared and worshipped must not be tolerated anymore.

The Insecurity and the State Police Saga:

The insecurity of lives and property in Nigeria has become a cancer that is eating deep into the fabric of our National Life. From indications, it would seem as though Nigeria is becoming a failed State in the league of Somalia and South Sudan which are riddled with internal conflicts among the constituent tribes and political leaders. Nigeria also has been at war in and with herself. Our porous borders and selfish political and religious interests have fueled this exploitationand the complicity of the Security Agencies in the kidnap rings makes it difficult to deal with. We must commend the efforts of the New Security Chiefs and the efforts of the Military, the Police and other Security Agencies. As President Bola Ahmed Tinubu continues to respond to the challenges of insecurity in the different parts of the country, we condemn the unwarranted attackson and killing of military and police officers who are doing their legitimate duties for this nation. The activities of some socio-cultural organisations that have constituted themselves into a pressure group to bear arms and attack communities in the country must be checked and their leadership must be held accountable, in order to maintain the rule of Law and Order in our country.

We are persuaded that while the attitude of some Governors and Community Leaders can suggest that the establishment of State Police can be misused against their opponents or work against the unity of this country, we must argue that over-centralising the Police Force in Nigeria has some demerits. Given the vastness and diversities in the country, the establishment of a State or Regional Police Force will help each geo-political zone respond to the challenge of insecurity in their region and bring stability, security and economic growth. Nobody can passionately defend and protect a territory better than those who have stakes in such a place. Moreso, we have vigilante groups and some quasi state/community organisations that are already operating at different levels. While we appreciate the views of the Inspector General of Police on issues of State Police, the advantages in having the State Police outweigh the disadvantages. Even the disadvantages can be worked on to check excesses while putting appropriate sanctions in place. The existence of State Police does not rule out the presence of a Federal Police Force.


That the Economy of Nigeria is in a bad shape is so clear that even ordinary citizens and families feel the pain daily. However, we must commend the efforts of Economic Policy Planners and Think-Tank for the drive to get us out of the woods. The efforts of Mr. Kadoso – the New Central Bank Governor – and his team to stabilisethe Exchange Rate is to be commended. Going forward, there is still the need to address some other factors that are contributing to the adverse economic conditions in Nigeria.

The high debt levels of the Federal and State Governments and reckless borrowing and corruption in managing the funds so acquired breaks the heart. The crippling debt burden also has the potential to erode Investor Confidence, particularly among foreign investors, resulting in capital flight thereby negatively impacting the Nigerian Stock Market and overall economic stability. Furthermore, continuous borrowing contributes to inflationary pressures on the economy because as government injects more money into circulation, it drives up prices, affecting the cost of living for ordinary citizens.

  • Developing the Digital Economy: We would like to commend Government’s Digitisation Policies for Employment Improvement by investing in digital skills training programmes to equip the workforce with the necessary competencies for adigital economy and ensuring that the workforce remains competitive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.  Recognizing the importance of technology in economic development, the Nigerian government has implemented policies to leverage digitization for employment improvement. Initiatives such as the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy aim to harness the potential of digital technologies to create job opportunities and enhance productivity.
  • Fuel Scarcity and Electricity Tariff: The recent Fuel scarcity and increase in Tariff on Power are making life more difficult for the citizens. We support the organized Labour in demanding that the Federal and State Government should intervene through the relevant Ministries to alleviate the suffering of the people. The review of the Wages of Nigerian workers is very necessary in view of the hyper Inflation and general harsh Economic Environment.
  • Entrepreneurship Support: There are also policies promoting entrepreneurship in the digital space, including incentives for tech startups, encouraging innovation and job creation. By fostering a conducive environment for digital businesses, the government aims to stimulate economic growth and employment. We look forward to these translating into improved livelihood, especially for our teeming youth population.
    The 2024 budget and Nigeria’s debt profile are intertwined elements that significantly shape the nation’s economic landscape. While the budget reflects the government’s priorities and commitment to development, the escalating debt levels pose challenges that require prudent management. Striking a balance between necessary borrowing for infrastructure and economic development and ensuring debt sustainability, is essential for safeguarding the long-term economic health of Nigeria. The government must implement effective fiscal policies and debt management strategies to mitigate risks and foster a resilient and prosperous economy.
  • Food Security and the Nigerian Family: Nigeria is a blessed country and our people are very enterprising and hardworking. Nobody in Nigeria should go hungry or be unsure of food for the family. Food Security is vital to the overall growth and stability in the country, so our leaders must address the issue of insecurity because the present challenge the citizens faceconcerning hunger and starvation, is also a fallout of Food Security resulting from insecurity in the localities where much of the farming and food production have been stalled by insecurity. While the Government works to ensure security of life and property, we encourage all Christians and other citizens of this country to engage in farming and food production and Processing. The basic act of planting crops and nurturing them to harvest must be encouraged. In this regard, in this 2024 farming season, we are launching “Operation Feed Your Family.” We encourage every family to have a vegetable garden and farm to meet basic food needs.  We must aim at feeding our families and also helping our neighbours. The principle should be “Let everybody labour/farm, working with his/her own hands what is good, that he/she may have something to give him who has need”

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