• August 1, 2018


The 8th Bishop of Lagos Anglican Diocese, has been enthroned. He is the Rt. Rev Dr. Humphrey Bamisebi Olumakaiye translated from the Diocese of Osun North East, Otan Ayegbaja.

The Enthronement Service,which took place at the Cathedral Church of Christ Marina,Lagos was unprecedented in the annals of succession since the diocese was found in 1919.

The new Bishop who drew the text of his sermon from the book of Isaiah and the popular chapter 60 verse 1-3 expatiated on light and its usefulness since creation.

He said light is the glory of God and the beauty of its Church; adding that light and glory are inseparable, because it brings illumination, peace and development, removing backwardness. He drew allusions between the dramatic transformation that light brought at creation and the electric power generation that brings industrial, economic, educational and technological development, propelling the huge numeral resources we have in Nigeria and the underdevelopment, because of low power generation. He said the general purpose of man’s life must be nurtured in God’s agenda otherwise man would be luring in darkness, frustration and futility.

He went down memory lane tracing the yeoman’s job that Church Missionary Evangelical Societies (CMS) did in Evangelism; stretching to Henry Townsend, Thomas Birch Freeman, Samuel Ajayi Crowther paved the way for the Yoruba Nation, through Western education and aggressive evangelical work and worked in 1864 as the first African Anglican Bishop before he died in 1891. He reeled out the outstanding works of Bishops in quick succession from the Pioneer Bishop, Rt. Rev. Melville Jones in 1919 – 1940, to Archbishop Vinning, 1940 – 1951 and the 3rd Bishop Howels Adelakun (Bishop of Many Parts), to the Rt. Rev Seth Kale, the 4th Bishop from 1963 – 1975, Bishop C.M.S grammar school for 5years and Principal of St Andrews College Oyo, to Archbishop Joseph Adetiloye, the 6th Bishop of Lagos who became the Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria before he retired in 1999 and was succeeded by the 7th Bishop of Lagos, The Most Rev Dr. Ephraim Adebola Ademowo in the year 2000 to 2018, to the 8th Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos, The Rt. Revd. Dr. Humphrey Bamisebi Olumakaiye.

He saluted the indefatigable founding fathers of the oldest Diocese in the Anglican Communion in Nigeria and the legacies and heritage left behind. He promised that the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina will be a highly spiritual attraction for all nations. He immediately declared that the first Sunday of every month shall be a charismatic healing service in the Cathedral, with him presiding over the service. He promised to continue to lift the rich musical heritage.

Dr. Humphrey Olumakaiye asked the congregation to rise and shine for their light has come. He decreed that the miracles of God shall come and manifest, chains shall be broken and all nations shall come to the classic musical Church, where the satanic tendencies of the revisionists shall be destroyed because the authentic gospel shall be proclaimed against the dilemma of bribery corruption and anguish that Nigeria has found itself. He challenged the leaders of the country to pragmatic leadership and to give the younger generations a chance.

He said his mission is to target the total man and total woman, providing for the physical needs of the needy- creating clothing, shelter, health, education etc.; adding that his mission mandate is all standing together in the diocese: in prison ministry, cooperative ministry, pastoral ministry, prayer ministry and praise ministry that none will be lost. He challenged the Church to rise and work for God; in fasting and praying, in great revival and mega prayer convocation.

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