• July 16, 2018

The Chaplain to the Primate of All Nigeria Anglican Communion, the Ven. Festus Nwafili has reiterated that there is a point in one’s life where ignorance is no longer an excuse, because according to him it is a crucial point in life where it is only the grace, faith in God, determination to succeed that can push one forward.

Ven. Nwafili made this observation at the valedictory ceremony service marking the 2018, 12th graduation Ceremony of the Anglican Girls Grammar School Apo District Gudu Abuja.

Addressing the outgoing students in his sermon, he told them that this effort to succeed must be sustained for those who fail to plan are planning to fail adding; that the students are not there yet hence they must stay focused to be self-independent.

He quickly chipped it in that the ultimate height that must be attained in life is the presence of God in eternity because if one gets the whole world, without God it is fruitless. Drawing his text from Philippians 3: 14, the Cleric assured them that the future promises to be bright if only they can hold on to what they have in hardwork and integrity, leaving what is behind, look forward, look ahead and the sky will be the starting point. He warned them against distractions, which he described as the enemy of forward movement, noting that they must be careful.

The Chaplain to the Primate appealed to parents to guide their daughters in making right choices prayerfully allowing the will of God without forcing or lording it over them in their choices of disciplines in the Universities and beyond.

He appealed to the students, and reminded them that they are ambassadors of the AGGS School and their families stressing that they should beware of bad companies in tertiary institutions because of agents of distractions.

He sounded a note of warning to students who are going abroad for further studies to be careful of countries in the WEST who he said are struggling with three evils of secularism, sexual perversion and decay at a very high level. According to him, they think they don’t need God again because of development of having everything (Modernity) at their beck and call.

Relativism he said is their problem in some countries where they don’t believe in God. He challenged them to be careful and follow Joshua’s instruction not to be careless and be focused making sure that the book of the law, the words of God does not depart from their mouth, but that they should meditate on it all the days of their lives.


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