INTERVIEW: “There will be temptations, but… Registrar, Church of Nigeria, Barrister Abraham Yisa

  • September 21, 2018

“Presentations of Archbishops in Minna is very important. Each of the Archbishops will now head 15 to 20 dioceses depending on the size. Again it is the first service of the standing committee and communion service, as you can see it is very colourful, and then we had a fantastic message from the Dean not only to the clergy, but to all Christians about how we should hold ourselves when we find ourselves in positions of leadership.

Registrar, Church of Nigeria, Barrister Abraham Yisa

What is expected of the followership and leadership as well and how as Christians we should respond to such situations when they arise.”

Like the Bible said, there will always be temptations, but then as Christian leaders and believers, the Lord has promised us that whenever they come, with our trust and faith in him, he will always get us out of it

It was a fantastic message and we thank the primate for this fantastic outing.


“The attendance is high and the organization superb” Bishop of Minna, The Right Revd Daniel A. Yisa

“In an interview with the host Bishop, he said the impression of the programme so far, it is our normal standing committee meeting, only that it is holding in Minna.


The attendance is high and the organization is superb.

“It is an occasion for we, Bishops to meet, come together have fellowships together and discuss Church matters together.

“My expectations are that some Vicars will be raised and brought to our Church. We are progressing even though we are just beginning”, Yisa stated.


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