• September 21, 2018

The world, nay, Nigeria, is full of troubles, of instability economically, physically, socially, politically and in pastoral work, hence the need for deliverance and refuge.

The Most. Rev Buba Lamido Archbishop of Kaduna, Bishop of Wusasa and Dean of Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion made this submission at the opening service of Church of Nigeria standing committee meeting held at St. Peter’s cathedral, Minna in Niger state.

Taking his text from Psalm 46,

Archbishop Lamido said because of forces of wickedness that are abound in the world, so many challenges are being faced, there are no longer secrets, God has to come to salvage the society as the only refuge and all-knowing father. He said God is abundantly available in times of turbulence and impunity as we have in Nigeria, adding that people should leave everything in the hands of God.

He quickly added that the Islamic theology is different, because they believe in an eye for an eye, but for Christians, God fights their battles no matter who they are, their position, chains of degrees and titles, they are powerless but hide under the shadow of God Almighty who is the miracle wondrous worker, working wonders in many ways.

The Dean, Church of Nigeria who quoted profusely from the Bible to corroborate the stand of the theme said in sickness, God heals, in fear He comforts, in anxiety, in danger He saves and in sin He forgives adding that God is a refuge to weary souls.

He seized the opportunity of his sermon to reiterate the fact that nobody can destroy the Church of God and that nobody can achieve the popular pull him down syndrome because God is the source of power.

He appealed to the house of Clergy and Laity alike to put their trust in the Lord.

At the opening service, two new Archbishops were presented to the meeting.

They are The. Most. Rev Gabriel Akinbiyi, Archbishop of Ondo province and The Most Rev Tunde Adeleye as Archbishop of Niger Delta province.

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