• January 10, 2019

Integrity has been described as the totality of Priest’s life and ministry with the people, the community, and larger society as the watch dog who measures what they do which affects the political, social and religious scenes all that people sees in them as the second copy of the Bible and make reference to it.

The Bishop of the diocese of kafanchan Kaduna state, the Rt Rev Marcus Dogo made this remark in his sermon at day 4 of this year’s annual retreat for Bishops in the Anglican communion at the IBRU international ecumenical centre Agbarha-Otor in DELTA STATE.

He said that all that are happening on daily basis is to test the priests with a view to knowing if they are what they claim that they are. According to the ebullient Bishop, personal integrity in the pulpit ministry must be a determination to individually, be resolute on the life they want to live, otherwise control could be lost and the whole world will orchestrate the news.

The Anglican Bishop of Kafanchan admonished the priests to run away from craftiness and all atrocities associated with it so as not to abuse the trust that God has put on the shepherds of the flock. He opined that one good turn deserves another adding that a trust is placed on the priest, the priest too must be trusted so as not to lose the trust reposed in them.

The Cleric said all the evils that are happening on daily basis is just to test us to know if we are what we say that we are and that they will ask terrible questions challenging the faith, what they will not ask people of another faith adding that the global political atmosphere, ethno religious uprising is telling the world that all is not well and the end is near.

The preacher said integrity is not stealing money, faithfulness and righteousness only, but the wholesome the whole number as in mathematics completeness all the variables must be packed together and practiced to have eternal life. Bishop Dogo said priests have been so blessed with the noble ministry so they should reciprocate by denying all hidden things of dishonesty and not treat the word of God in deceitfulness.

He cited examples of what lack of integrity has done for the Church saying that priests have to be very careful about the ministry because through the ministry they have obtained mercy hence they should follow the format, the pattern, the rules laid down in the pastoral Epistles of Timothy adding that the owner of the ministry is serious about it. He called on his fellow Bishops to allow decorum and check their boundaries saying that without holiness nobody will see the Lord.

He concluded by reminding believers that they will all be judged on the day of reckoning their best will be tested adding that the challenges may be many but they should do what is needful, stand firm, keep watch and live the life of integrity.

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