Homes Are To Be Healing and Hiding Place – Amos Kelvin-Annan

  • Korede Akintunde
  • January 10, 2024

As part of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion 2024 retreat program, the Bishops’ and their Wives took part in a training facilitated by Ghanian Counsellor, Amos Kelvin-Annan. He taught explicitly on the topic “Our homes as a healing and hiding place”.

One important question he didn’t fail to answer is that of knowing what makes our home a safe place. A young person will consider the following as reasons for tagging a home safe:

  • Being accepted for who you are
  • Unconditional love despite the behaviour of the child
  • Being valued (not numbered) and understood
  • Feeling relaxed and comfortable to relate with one another
  • Knowing that your relatives are trustworthy
  • Living in an atmosphere of open communication
  • Having my flaws accepted as part of the family unit
  • Being able to open up fully in order to give and get (Do not manipulate)

Kelvin-Annan made reference to Psalm 32:18 as what people except from their homes. He also didn’t forget to add what homes need to heal from. They include:

  • Bad manners
  • Horrible Memories
  • Unimaginable meanness
  • Inconceivable Emasculation
  • Emotions that are mixed
  • Unexplained ‘madness’
  • Dysfunctional motivation
  • Unhealthy mindset
  • Ungodly mission

“Many people in this age and time see abnormality as normal. When normal looks boring, abnormal looks attractive”. Kelvin-Annan encouraged all present to give ear to their children and family members in extension in other to help when need be.

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