Bishops’ Status and Responsibilities in North America Mission Remains, Coordinating Bishop of CONNAM Gives Clarification

  • Korede Akintunde
  • January 11, 2024

The Rt Rev’d Nathan Kanu, Bishop of Aba Ngwa North Diocese and the Coordinating Bishop of Church of Nigeria North American Mission has clarify that the status of bishops in CONNAM remains intact as missionary bishops. He made this known when he granted an exclusive interview to the communication officer of the Church of Nigeria during the 2024 Annual retreat of the Bishops and their wives at Faith Plaza, Bariga, Lagos shedding light on the mission work of the Church of Nigeria North American Mission.

He emphasized the Church’s dedication to mission outreach, targeting Nigerian Faithfuls, Africans, and other Christians in North America aligned with the orthodox Anglican doctrines.

The Bishop clarified that the focus on Missions was a divine mandate, commissioned by God, which must be fulfilled by the Church of God.

Regarding the Bishops’ status and responsibilities in North America, he assured that nothing has changed. “They retain their roles as missionary Bishops, complete with associated functions and emoluments”.

Bishop Kanu delved into the structures implemented to ensure the mission’s smooth operation in the region. “Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the North American Mission was delineated into seven regions, each with specific areas administered by Bishops and Canon Missioners.

The Canon missionaries play a crucial role in carrying out missionary activities, soul-winning, church planting, and expanding the Kingdom of God.

Expressing pride in the established structure, Bishop Kanu emphasized how the deployment of Canon Missionaries to specific areas enhances the mission’s effectiveness, ensuring a smoother and more impactful outreach.

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