Until You Become a Disciple, You Cannot Disciple Others – Bishop Agbo

  • Korede Akintunde
  • January 10, 2024

The Bishop of the Diocese of Nsukka, Anglican Communion, Rt Rev Aloysious Agbo, has admonished church leaders to become a disciple themselves in other to disciple others.

Speaking in a session at the ongoing retreat of Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion Bishops and Bishop’s wives holding at Archbishop Adebola and Mrs Oluranti Ademowo resource centre, Faith Plaza, Lagos.

Speaking on the Topic, Family discipleship which was drawn from the theme: Shepherding God’s Family, he highlighted five levels of discipleship as

(i) Personal

(ii) Family

(iii) Local church based

(iv) denominational

(v) Community

Bishop Agbo advised that if the church must witness a wholistic transformation, the leaders must not joke with any level of discipleship.

He said that nobody graduates from discipleship because it is ongoing, transformational, and a whole life process.

He questioned the role of church leaders in their various family discipleship which is bedrock of discipleship before the church and asked that they take personal and family discipleship more serious in other to transmit their Faith in God to the next generation.

He stressed its significance for a comprehensive transformation of the world through intentional application by leaders in their homes.

The seminar aimed to ensure the transmission of faith to the next generation, as emphasized by Bishop Agbo’s personal journey from idol worship to Christianity.

Sharing his experience, Bishop Agbo born to idol-worshiping parents, highlighted the impact of attending school and church with friends, leading to his conversion in 1988.

He acknowledged the challenges of practicing faith in a village dominated by idol worship but noted a positive shift when families actively participated in Christian events.

 Unfortunately, subsequent generations drifted away from God, prompting reflection on their departure from the Christian faith.

Bishop Agbo cautioned parents against assumption that their spiritual level guarantees the same for their children.

He emphasized the need for intentional efforts in raising God-fearing sons and daughters, ensuring the transmission of genuine faith.

The bishop urged parents to take responsibility for cultivating a legacy of discipleship, creating a chain of generational blessings unbroken by time.

He stressed the necessity of intentional efforts in raising God-fearing sons and daughters, ensuring the authentic transmission of faith.

In his call to responsibility, Bishop Agbo urged parents to raise not only faithful children but disciples who would continue the legacy.

In his own words “Family Discipleship is a choice we must all make.”

Bishop Agbo also emphasized the pivotal role of parents, especially fathers, in Family Discipleship at the  Retreat.

He outlined practical ways for parents to disciple their children, including demonstrating personal devotion and prayer time.

The bishop encouraged daily joint prayers for family unity, addressing individual challenges, and fostering a community testimony.

He therefore urged parents to instill in their their children a total belief, trust in, and obedience to the teachings of the Bible.

Concluding his teaching, Bishop Agbo reiterated that Family Discipleship is not just a practice, but a lifestyle within the family—a lifelong responsibility for parents that extends until the return of Jesus.

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