• January 14, 2016

Bishops have been described as men of deep spiritual character and inner disposition men of integrity, faithful keeper of God’s word.
The Rt Rev Dr Joseph Musa Bishop of Idah diocese gave this vivid description in his words of exhortation at the opening of this year’s retreat of Bishops Anglican Communion at St Peter’s Chapel IBRU International Ecumenical center Agbarhar-Otor Delta State.
Bishop Yisa, who took his text from 1 Peter 5 vs 1-5 and his theme ”Anglican Bishop as an example of the Flock of God” said the Bishop is a gift to the Church because he is of impeccable character, humble, respectable and just.
He asked his colleagues that in spite of the buoyant nature, glamour and pageantry that come with their office, they must shun bogus living capable of beclouding their sense of reasoning.
The ebullient speaker said Bishop is the light who should not join others to do evil in this rotten society they have found themselves.
He urged them never to take sides but shine in darkness adding that more than anything the Bishop is needed most in the world today more than ever before because the world is glooming and rotten.

He admonished the Bishops not to disobey or disregard the orders of their leaders if they want others to obey them. According to him episcopal work is more than eloquent speeches and preaching, their lives must be exemplary in their words and deeds for the people to emulate.

He concluded that as peculiar people, as catalysts and ambassadors of Christ, their hearts must be circumcised to be a conduit pipe where works of righteousness must pass to the larger society.

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