• October 28, 2016


His Grace, the Primate of all Nigeria the most Rev. Nicholas. D. Okoh, the Rector Barrister Ernest Onuoha, the chaplain all delegates of the conference including those who are attending for the first time. We thank God for the IBRU international Ecumenical Centre donated by to the Communion by the late Alex ibru, a man of vision, mission and industry. May his gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace.
We also commiserate with the IBRU family on the demise of the Head of the IBRU Family OLOROGUN MICHAEL IBRU Who was called home recently May the good lord comfort the family he has left behind. Since our last outing at the University of Ibadan, a lot of water has passed under the bridge one of us COMRADE SAM ISICHEI of Diocese of Asaba passed on after a brief illness. Let us all stand and observe a minute silence in honour of the dead.
Let me quickly recall and remind us that at the closing ceremonies of the 6th diocesan communicator’s conference in 2014 the primate of all Nigeria suggested that we take the conference to a neutral ground instead of always meeting in Abuja. He recommended two institutions of higher learning the premier university, university of Ibadan and TV College Jos. The consensus was the ever shinning highly reputable university of Ibadan and we want to thank God for huge success recorded at our last conference. We looked round this and decided to use another reputable institution, we decided to patronize our own IBRU an ecumenical center of excellence. We thank the Rector and his team who has put things together for us to have a hitch free conference.
The choice of our theme this year, RELEVANCE OF DIGITAL TECNOLOGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA IN EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION was informed by the new digital media landscape and the digital communication technologies have exploded across the world, the explosion is awesome and have transformed every area of the information and media landscape organizations for are addressing the implications with a view to managing its consequences and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the new digital communications platforms, and the emergence of the social media platforms in particular. It is the intention of this conference to expose us to how we can improve communications skill in a digital world
In your own view do you think that with this increasing digital world communication has become easy more than erer to effectively communicate and engage with friend’s peers groups and customers. Which camp do you fall into­­­­­?
In this conference erudite scholars would ask a few questions. How important is the Digital communication in your life.
We would look at it from a personal point of view, the valuable part of building relationships and friendship using words, body language and other non-verbal cues.
We will also look at the business world where communication is an extremely important component of success.
From an interpersonal prospective we shall look at how healthy positive communication is this, this is with a view to improve communication skills in a digital world.
The social media is taken as one of the best opportunities for effective communication in the digital world. It is often regarded as the best way to build or grow relationship on the internet. To improve your digital communication skills social media is an excellent place to start.
We shall look at the most effective social media platforms for professional communication like Facebook twitter and the rest.
Communication is important regardless of how you handle or let the digital world be an advantage by investing, prioritizing the use of digital platforms, to engage, educate and gain insight from your community, the church.
We should not rest on our oars, because we expect that creativity and experimentation on these new platforms would emerge and technologies evolve. Our resource persons are reputable professional with many years of experience. I want to assure you that this conference is going to be another fulfilling experience you will have a lot to take home to share. In the name of God almighty we welcome you to the 8th diocesan communicators conference holding at this time at the IBRU international, ecumenical center, Our own resort center, please enjoy your stay.

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